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Your Brand. Your Way.

Ever dreamed of starting your own brand and creating a line of tanning products? Maybe you own a salon or mobile tanning business. Or you’re a lover of all things beauty and it’s been your lifelong dream to create your own brand and beauty product line. Sounds like a lot of work? With Private Label it’s easier than you may think! Our unbranded, ready-made White Label Collection helps you get started with your own range of tanning products right away.

Perfect for salons looking to create their own salon-branded retail line. Buy from our White Label range, customize your own labels, apply and you’re ready to sell. Offer your customers your own branded range of aftercare and home tanning products to build a new revenue stream and brand for your business.

Ideal for savvy beauty entrepreneurs looking to create their own range of tanning products. Our White Label range means you can buy our unlabelled product and attach your own labels to start selling immediately. With flexibly low minimum order quantities and affordable prices you can scale your business and build your brand easily with Private Label.

Working With Us

Need design help? Create your own beautiful products with our expert design team. Private Label empowers you to bring your own brand to life and gives you the tools to get creating immediately. Not sure exactly what you want? No worries. The Private Label team is here to help you with whatever you need whether it is designing labels or creating an entire brand.

  • All our products are formulated with nature in mind with no nasties and only the best premium ingredients.
  • White label offering ensures fastest possible delivery of products and short lead times.
  • Wide assortment of professional and consumer retail items.
  • Fast track your success in launching your own brand and product line.
  • Eliminate barriers to entry with premium solutions, low minimum order quantities and cost effective prices.
  • Benefit from our decades of experience creating products for the sunless tanning industry.


A collective of brands curated to bring you the best in sunless tanning skincare. Sunless Canada is an online oasis of the best self tanning and sunless beauty products in the country. Perfect for achieving a year-round healthy glow day or night, our top-ranked products are formulated with high quality ingredients suitable for all skin types.

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