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The MineTan Body Skin product collection covers every option under the sun, so you can choose the tan that’s perfect for you… a tan that’s all “mine”. MineTan is constantly listening, adapting and refining their product offering in line with needs, desires and trends within the market. This helps stay on the cutting edge of the industry and bring you the latest in tanning technology year after year.

Grounded in science, research and innovation MineTan’s high-tech lab develops and manufactures products from only the highest quality ingredients and materials. On the cutting edge of the latest beauty trends and innovations, MineTan is able to design and create products that are truly unique and have a competitive advantage in the market.


MineTan invites you to spend time with Tan Angels to learn how tanning works and become an industry expert, from how skin actually tans, to how you sell products to your clients. Become an industry specialist with this engaging event. This is an opportunity to educate and sell to your existing customers and acquire new customers.

Sessions can be adjusted to suit specific needs however will always cover off the following core program outline:
➔ Prevention is better than cure: Ensure every faux tan is a flawless one
➔ A first class experience: Giving clients what they deserve
➔ Practical Instruction / Demonstration: How to tan easily, efficiently and effectively
➔ Customer service and frequently asked questions
➔ Learn Tips & Tricks in your spray technique
➔ Structure of the skin
➔ DHA: How does it work


A collective of brands curated to bring you the best in sunless tanning skincare. Sunless Canada is an online oasis of the best self tanning and sunless beauty products in the country. Perfect for achieving a year-round healthy glow day or night, our top-ranked products are formulated with high quality ingredients suitable for all skin types.

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